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                                   St Paul’s The British

International school of Warsaw



 St Paul’s The British International School of Warsaw

27 August, 2002    


Examination Results, 2002

     We were very pleased with this year’s Advanced and Advanced Subsidiary Level results which were announced this week. These examinations are usually taken by year 12 and 13 candidates in England and by our students in Years 11, 12 and 13.


Our figures for 2002 are:

Grade              Usual British     St Paul’s

(cumulative)     students (%)    students (%)

A                                 12                   27

B                                 30                   44

C                                 45                   61

D                                 60                   78

E                                 70                   86

N                                80                   86

U                                 100                  100


     The results were much better than the normal pattern for students in English schools and our students deserve credit for their achievements. They have continued the school’s strong record of winning university places, which now extends over a ten ten-year period.

     The records at A and B are outstanding, and well over half the results exceed level C, required by the leading. It is important to say that for some of our students, passsing these examinations has been a difficult achievement, especially since the exams are intended for native-speakers of English. Their achievement reflects a good deal of  solid, hard work (a bit like their teachers trying to learn Polish).


The building

      ... has had its annual refurbishment, and is now repaired, cleaned, painted and polished. Dark old furniture has been replaced with brighter and more colourful equipment.

     We have also reorganised the whole building from Nursery, to the Primary classes and on through the Secondary school. The logic of the new layout should be self-explanatory and no-one should get lost even on the first day.



The new school year starts on

Monday, 2 September,with an open day for parents and students, from 9.00 11.00 a.m..

Lessons begin for all students in all years on Tuesday, 3 September. The building will be open from 8.00.


We Are  Sure you had a Happy Holiday

but can hardly wait to get back to work


Nowy Rok Szkolny Rozpoczynza Się 2 Września Otwartym Dnie od 9:00 – 11:00.

Lekcje Dla Wszstkich uczniów i

Wszystkich Grup Wiekowych

Rozpoczynają Się We

Wtorek 3 Września. 

Szkoła Będzie Otwarta od 8:00.


jesteśmy pewni, ze mieliście udane wakacje ale zapewne Tęsknilisćie bardzo za powrotem do pracy.




New staff

      We will be welcoming a number of new members of staff in September, bringing the school up to its full complement of foreign and Polish staff. Most of our new colleagues from abroad will be English but there will also be one teacher from India and another colleague from South Africa. They are all native speakers of English, although one also speaks Afrikaans.

     We will introduce both the foreigners and the new Polish staff individually in our newsletters, starting this week with Christopher and Wendell.


Christopher Banasik

 ..... was born and educated in Tarnów, near Kraków. He came to Warsaw to study at the University and has stayed on to pursue a rseaerch interest arising from his MA thesis, relating information technology to medical physics. He has experience of teaching Mathematics and Information Technology over the entire secondary age range, including university entrance, and has a very good command of English.

     The fluency in English relates in part to Christopher’s interest in music with both Polish and English lyrics: he also plays guitar and drums. He is keen on basketball, soccer, cycling and hiking. His academic work on IT has not, he complains, left him enough time to keep up his chess playing. But he is open to challenges ...


Wendel Ernstzen

... is a South African, althoug he was born in Lusaka, Zambia [the former British colony of Northern Rhodesia]. He is a native-speaker of English but is also bi-lingual in Afrikaans (a language related to Dutch). He qualified as a teacher at the University of Cape Town, taking Mathematics and Art as his main subjects. He has a post-graduate qualification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Experienced in teaching in both primary and secondary schools, St Paul’s will be Wendel’s fourth teaching post, but his first in Poland.

      The Polish connection is that his brother is married to a Pole and is running fitness centre in Białystock. Wendel has a strong interest in sports, particularly rugby and volleyball. His other interests include computing, creative writing, drama and complementary therapies. And then there is the little matter of learning Polish.



     The school has completely up-dated its computer systems, as part of the summer programme of repair and refurbishment.

      The main computer room has been re-configured with sixteen work-stations, all with identical (and totally legal!) software packages. The smaller room now has eight machines, including some of our most pow­er­ful processors, available for more advanced projects. All twenty-four machines are connected to the internet.

      We have also decided to develop an additional facilitity for the younger children by placing a computer (with the same software as in the main rooms) in every primary classroom. Our teachers will therefore be able to set extension work for individuals without disrupting the ordinary work of the class.

      The entire administrative system was also re-configured, partly with a view to creating a website and effective e-mail communication with parents: is checked at least twice a day.

      Our feeling was that, despite a very large investment in equipment, the system was incoherent and difficult for students to use. Part of the problem was allowing the system to be managed by enthusiastic amateurs rather than fully-qualified professionals, part was not keeping a close check on software changes “engineered” by our students themselves.

      After a comprehensive and pro­fess­ional audit, we have had a busy summer as a systems manager and an engineer set about sorting it all out. They will continue to assist us, alongside a new systems administrator who will oversee the workings of the system day to day.


Reklama ....


     Since the jobs were done so thoroughly and efficiently, it is only fair to mention that we know and and can recommend a couple of computer consultants who work effectively and can speak very good English: details on application! We can also introduce a really fast and effective firm of cleaners and decorators to anyone who is interested.



ul. Zielona 14,  05-500 Piaseczno,  Polska / Poland

+48 22 756 77 97 / +48 22756 26 40 (tels) / +48 22 756 26 09 (fax)

+48 603 087 085 / +48 600 663 584 (mobiles)