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                                   St Paul’s The British

International school of Warsaw



We are proud of our custom-built building, which was designed to serve its purpose without appearing to children as being too large or monolithic. The front view is deliberately scaled-down, leading to larger buildings, amid carefully-preserved trees from the former orchard and market garden. The school building complex is in fact large, with a total area of 5,500 sq m (55,000 sq ft) surrounded by its own playgrounds and playing field. The building includes the central assembly/sports hall with changing facilities and viewing galleries (facilities which are also available for extra-curricular activities for pupils and parents). There are over 30 surrounding classrooms, including dedicated subject rooms, each with specialised teaching materials. There are four science laboratories (allowing us to offer separate Physics, Chemistry and Biology as well as General Science). The labs are fully fitted to university standard. There is also an art, craft room and technology room, which with our music room and adjacent stage and Performing Arts Hall form an arts complex on the ground floor. As well as the theatre and recording equipment there are two computer laboratories with Internet links. Our recent upgrade of computer facilities has also included placing computers in each of the junior school classrooms. There is a large general purpose library, which can also be used as a study area. The Performing Arts Hall  doubles up as a dining room. There is also a medical room and a “prefects’ room” for our senior students. The building was completed in three phases, in 1993, 1995 and 1999 and has been continuously upgraded since, for example with enhanced security for staff and students. There is more to education than architecture but the school’s teachers start out with really excellent infrastructure.


ul. Zielona 14,  05-500 Piaseczno,  Polska / Poland

+48 22 756 77 97 / +48 22756 26 40 (tels) / +48 22 756 26 09 (fax)

+48 603 087 085 / +48 600 663 584 (mobiles)